20 interesting links I’ve read in 2014 or that I have to read

The order is totally random.

1. [C, ASM] From Switch Statement Down to Machine Code – This one is really good.

2. [js] Progress bars out of your tab favicons

3. [Maths] Newton, The Ultimate: One Weird Trick To Make You A Mathematical Superhero, which is basically about Newton’s algorithm.

4. [Git] Git In Two Minutes (For A Solo Developer)

5. [Algorithms] How Spelling Correction Algorithms Work

How to Write a Spelling Corrector

6. [Maths] 0x5f3759df – About the Quake Fast inverse square root and similar approximations

7. [Qt, Visual Studio] Qt debug helpers and QString and QByteArray in VisualStudio 2013 Debugger

8. [Python] PEP8 and a nice link about underscores.

9. Let’s build a browser engine!

10. Interesting write-up about singletons

11. [UI] 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI

12. [C++] List of C++ resources

13. [Python, Algorithms] The complete guide to building an image search engine with Python and OpenCV

14. [Algorithms] Damn Cool Algorithms: Levenshtein Automata

15. Hidden Costs of Memory Allocation

16. [CG] A trip through the Graphics Pipeline 2011

17. [Python] Obfuscating “Hello world!”

18. About 2D visibility

19. Important Programming Concepts (Even on Embedded Systems) Part V: State Machines